Oh, want your clothes back? Then take them off me.



Fino in fondo al cuore

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Team 7 (x)

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Posting before I change my mind 

I like role reversal. Sakura always wanted to comfort Sasuke and be there for him. It’s too late in the manga now, but I would have loved for someone, specifically Sasuke, to offer HER comfort. Don’t know what specific scenario this is, maybe something traumatic happen on a mission. Use your imagination : )

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I don't know haw to go from mobile, please, just give me the links :) thanks


oh! sure! yeah mobile sure complicates things when you’re looking for a tag that isn’t recently used (i know now you can click on a tag in a blog and see all posts tagged as that in their blog, instead of the whole site). but here!!

smuff oneshots

best smuts i know

smuts where sakura tops

good multichap smuts

where he goes down on her

smut in her office

when they have sex for the first time

where sasuke is a virgin but she is not

where they do it doggy style

those are all i have so far :)

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Yes, yes. Very nice. But I’m just gonna add my favorite wardrobe change.

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I came into this world screaming, covered in someone else’s blood and let me tell you, I’m not afraid to leave the same way.

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what these two do to me….

higher res: *

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