#this scene is everything #because yes he faints at her nakedness #but first and foremost he isn’t shocked that she is naked #no he calls out her name like that because he knows that’s her #and she looks so out of it #and it takes him calling her name for her to come through to her real self #he makes sure that she is okay #he even reaches for his father’s jacket #and then almost as if it is an afterthought #he realizes she is naked #and then yep he faints at her beauty #but he doesn’t lust after her in her time if need#he just observes that she is naked #and well he is just overwhelemed #and he falls over #but still i just really like that he is more suprised that she is okay #not that she is naked #i love this scene so much

dammit stephanie

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God, I loved this AU so much. I don’t even know anymore, I wanted to see a Native Hinata so… (she dresses both ways though). There’s so much more I wanna draw about them. T__T And Sasuke’s too hot in that vest

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Naruto Chapter 685.5

this was kinda lost in my naruto folder

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The Saloon Lady, The Bounty Hunter and The Tribe Princess.

I have the feeling the colouring totally ruined it, that’s why I added the linework haha.



This Pasta Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster


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うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Day 22: Exposed…

Sakura may never get use to living with Sasuke…

I wanted to draw something a little silly…

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sasuke, sharingan's suggestion


"The power to break open a path and see beyond... the power to find you." 
(Sakura cover - Chapter 265)

T^T Kishi you sly dog
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Ermmm added some quick colors and a texture!  Personally I prefer my original version (the b&w version) better. BUT here ya go.

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