Etain, like the wolf, has learned to hunt from birth. It’s part sense, part instinct. She can read the terrain, search for signs of passing, run her quarry to ground and close in for the kill. Now she hunts Romans. Now we are the prey.


Bah…. just a little coloring practice… I was listening “Trul” by Therion, but I don’t know why I drew this xD

by nassel

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I’ve had like MILLIONS of headcanons of this two since this arc started.
I can’t remember any and I wanted to draw something.

So here’s the thing.  The bad guys are winning and Naruto and a lot of other shinobi are fighting. There’s a thing that may turn the score around and Sakura notices it and  decides she’ll do it but it may cost her, her life. She wants to go with it, but needs a little something to pump her up so she decides to go over Sasuke’s and steal a kiss! maybe she’s thinking something along a goodbye kiss just in case. ya feel me? 
I want to draw many headcannons! 

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The fall of Icarus, by René Milot

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When darkness falls and surrounds you…
I’m coming to hold you now.
… I will always protect you, my love. Feel my love.

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Re-edited Sakura

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Who’s this man holding Sakura’s hand? XD


사쿠라의 손을 잡고 있는 이 남자는 과연 누구일까요! ㅋㅋ

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ingridneko1 asked my ab to draw “Sakoora be mad at Sasque as he gets nervous” in the latest chapter but i had to post it here XD

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Since Sasuke’s wearing something like skirt, I want to draw Sakura with shorts. haha 

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