Pen sketch made during my anatomy exercises. I really hope Sasuke’s hair will be longer and not shorter in the new movie.

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here we see sasook trying to make a move on sakoora

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ok!! I made this in 10 fucking minutes!! ç____ç New record! It’s a doodle, obviously, and it’s not exactly my best but…ehi! Ten minutes, ohohoh! 

Now I have to work to my ssmonth project ç__ç And my doujinshi OMFG!!!

by nassel

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A bit late, but I absolutely adored the most recent chapter! :)

Youuuuuu!!!youuuuuu!!! Do you know that I love your art??? I’m totally in love with you T____T

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our ends are beginnings

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save a horse ride a cowboy

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Cyril Rolando

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the fact that elf sasuke is a real thing in itself is… incredible… and i’ve been meaning to draw him for a while *_*

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Autumn Forest Captures by Oer-Wout

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